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  • You can get involved in the department in various ways by participating in these, and other events in the department. If you have any suggestions for events, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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PhD Qualifying Exam - For AHN & FRHD Students

  • According to the University of Guelph Graduate Calendar, "As a qualifying examination, consideration is to be given not only (1) to the student's knowledge of the subject matter and ability to integrate the material derived from his or her studies, but also (2) to the student's ability and promise in research. The examining committee, therefore, will receive from the advisory committee a written evaluation of the quality of the student's research performance to date and of the student's potential as a researcher. The examining committee will determine the relative importance to be given to these two major components of the qualifying examination."
  • Department of Family Relations and Applied Nutrition's Qualifying Examination (QE) Processes
  • Required QE paperwork

Thesis & Defence Guidelines


  • The Office of Graduate Studies offers this information regarding Graduation procedures
  • We are happy to announce an automated process for the Application for Graduation for graduate students.  Each semester graduate students in semester 2 and up receive an email asking them to self identify their eligibility for graduation and to apply on-line. Should a student apply to graduate and find out later in the semester that they will not be eligible, their application will be rolled over to the next semester at no cost to the student.
  • If you have any questions p
  • lease contact (email address) 

Graduate Student Assistants (GTAs)

FRAN Student Resources and Handbook

Please see this 21-22 FRAN Grad Student Resource Handbook. It is a Handbook for students, created by students.