BASc Course Selection & Waivers


Course selection period information
To find you selection window: see: Course Selection Windows   

Pick courses ASAP!!!
Select courses as soon as possible after your window opens.  FAILURE TO DO SO MAY RESULT IN NOT BEING ABLE TO REGISTER IN NEEDED AND WANTED COURSES. 

If a course is full:
If a course is full when you go onto WebAdvisor, please check WebAdvisor repeatedly again later and register when spaces become available. Enrolment of courses is managed by opening blocks of spots at a time rather than immediately opening to the full capacity. 

If after a few days of checking, there still isn’t space in a course, contact the person managing its enrolments:

  • For FRAN courses (FRHD and some NUTR) contact the Undergraduate Program Assistant, Lorraine, email:
  • For other courses see the course contact list.


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FRAN courses available in current selection period

Summer 2023 Courses Being Offered (Updated March 22, 2023)

FRHD*1010*DE  Human Development: Class is full

FRHD*1020*DE Couple and Family Relationships: 

FRHD*2100*DE Development of Human Sexuality: Class is full 

NUTR*1010*DE Introduction to Nutrition: Class is full


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Waivers for FRAN courses (FRHD and some NUTR)

In the Department of Family Relations & Applied Nutrition (FRAN), waivers and enrolment are centrally managed by the Undergraduate Program Assistant, Lorraine, from Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:00.   
Instructors in the FRAN department do NOT sign course waivers.   

When requesting enrolment information or a waiver for a course:  

  1. Use your account   
  2. State you student ID# and program.   
  3. Download the Course Waiver Request form.

Helpful tips for about obtaining a signed course waiver:

  • Waivers are not required for 1st year courses. 
  • Some courses are restricted to BASc majors only. Waivers will not be signed for courses that are restricted in this way.
  • For other courses, there are Priority Access restrictions, which may be lifted during the course selection period depending on available space.  Details of which courses have Priority Access restrictions are at “FRAN courses available in current selection period ”.  Note: that we will not sign course waivers while Priority Access restrictions are in place.
  • In FRAN courses/sections/classes that are full cannot be overloaded beyond the planned number of available seats/spaces. 
  • If you have a completed and appropriately signed waiver, you must submit it to Enrolment Services, for processing as soon as possible.

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Waivers and registration for other courses

Neither the BASc program counselling office nor the BASc undergraduate program assistant can help you get into courses not offered by our department (FRAN). You need to contact the department offering the course for help. Here is the list of contacts for other courses on campus.

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Late Adds

Late adding courses is not allowed in FRAN (i.e. for FRHD or NUTR courses) because it does not foster student success. The published deadline for adding courses is firm.  There are only 12 weeks of classes and missing one week puts a student significantly behind.  Even if you see a space open up in a course, we will not add you to the course if it is after the last day to add a course.    The late add policy in the academic calendar is for clearly defined rare and exceptional circumstances and not for getting into a course that was full during course selection.

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Overloading credits (taking more that 2.5)

Taking more that 2.5 credits in a semester or credit overloading is not something we in FRAN advise or support as it does not foster learning, academic success, or good mental health.  We especially do not support overloading in a practicum semester because practicums are a heavy load. The rare time we consider permitting a credit overload is if a student has exceptional need, e.g. they are in their last semester and need one course to graduate. For this reason plan your courses carefully assuming you can't overload. That said, you can try overloading yourself on the last day of the add period without special permission if there is still space in the course and you have the pre-requisites. 

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Overloading a class/section (registering for a full course)

In FRAN courses/sections/classes that are full cannot be overloaded beyond the planned number of available seats/spaces. This is because of fire code regulations in the classroom and the number of teaching assistants who can mark assignments limited by departmental budgets.

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