BASc Student Associations

Whatever your interests, you can find a student club or association that shares your interests.  Discover the clubs, campus organizations, and other opportunities available to you, by checking GryphLife.

Campus clubs and associations may relate to course interests, sports or recreation, student government, etc.  Through the activities of the clubs, you gain skills that can help you with your schoolwork, develop and practice leadership skills, and make contacts with faculty and people outside the university who work in related fields. Some professional organizations have student memberships. Talk to your professors if you are interested in student memberships with discipline related organizations.

AHN - Applied Human Nutrition Student Association (AHNSA)
CYF/CSTU - Child, Youth and Family-Child Studies-Students Association
ADEV/FSHD - Adult Development-Family Studies and Human Development Student Association
CSAHS - College of Social and Applied Human Sciences Student Alliance

Applied Human Nutrition Student Association (AHNSA)

The Applied Human Nutrition Student Association (AHNSA) is a student-run organization formed by Applied Human Nutrition students with similar interests and passion for leadership. The AHNSA is  represented by the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences Student Alliance and is guided by faculty and staff committees. The student association consists of fifteen elected representatives, each of which have designated roles and responsibilities. The AHNSA representatives act as liaisons to facilitate communication  between Applied Human Nutrition students and larger governance bodies that conduct our program, allowing students to voice their opinions and concerns and participate in their education. For all first-year students, the Senior Peer Advisor of the AHNSA is your primary contact for questions and concerns. For any students with questions or concerns about the curriculum, the primary contact is the AHNSA Junior/Senior Curriculum Representative. 

Our representative student body hosts numerous events each year for students in the program. Our events range from fun and enjoyable social activities to informative and engaging academic events; you can expect events throughout the year that will embrace creativity, promote professional development, and appreciate the community. The AHNSA strives to increase socialization among AHN students and with the rest of the University community by promoting and hosting various seminars, educational
information sessions, and multiple social events. Joining the AHNSA as an elected representative or participating in AHNSA events is a great way to get involved with your program, meet inspiring people, and make memories that will last a lifetime! To stay up-to-date with the AHNSA, follow us on Instagram (@ahnsa_) and Facebook (AHNSA Guelph). 

The AHNSA is excited to welcome you to the Applied Human Nutrition program; we hope to see you at our events soon! Annual AHNSA Events to watch out for include:

  • AHN Orientation Week Events
  • AHN Professor Meet and Greet
  • AHN Meet the Dietitian Night
  • AHN Trivia Night
  • AHN Professional Development Sessions
  • College Royal Display
  • AHN Fundraisers… AND MUCH MORE!

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Child, Youth and Family-Child Studies-Students Association

Hello Incoming CSTU Students,

We wish to extend our most heartfelt congratulations on your acceptance into the Child Studies program! Our names are Tatiana and Mandy, and we are the Presidents of the Child, Youth, and Family/Child Studies Student Association (CYF/CSTU-SA). On behalf of  CYF/CSTU-SA, welcome to the Child Studies major!

The CYF/CSTU-SA is an enthusiastic, student-run group that organizes a variety of events for all CYF/CSTU students throughout the Fall and Winter semesters. Events range from social events such as dinners and painting nights, to academic events, like a career night or Q & A with faculty professors around course selection time. This may look a little different given the current limitations of student run events on campus in the fall semester with the pandemic protocols. Nonetheless, throughout the year, CYF/CSTU-SA works hard to fundraise for charitable causes related to our program, as well as provide opportunities for CYF/CSTU and other BASc Majors to connect.

We encourage you all to consider becoming a member of the CYF/CSTU-SA. This is a great chance to get to know upper year students in the same program, gain leadership experience and help run events for students in your year! Within the first few weeks of classes, CYF/CSTU-SA will be having elections to fill the remaining spots on our 2021/2022 executive council. This year, we are looking for TWO first year representatives, a CSAH-SA representative, and a community liaison representative. If you would like to be part of a dedicated student association, then look out for emails about our elections! All first years will receive an email with the council’s constitution, which includes a description of all the positions and their duties, and a nomination form, which you are to fill out and send back to us. The date and time of elections have not yet been determined, so make sure to keep checking your Gryph mail! If an executive position isn’t for you, we strongly suggest you come out to our meetings and join as a general member!

To learn more about who we are and what we do, make sure to participate in our online events during Orientation Week! CYF/CSTU-SA has planned two events specific to first year CSTU students. Our events this year are “Zumba with CYF/CSTU-SA”, where we will do a Zoom live zumba session for free, followed by a question-and-answer period about our program, as well as a “Origami with CYF/CSTU-SA Tutorial”, where we will be doing a Microsoft Teams live chat with origami tutorials for you to follow along, with an opportunity to virtually meet other members in your program. These events are a great way to meet online with other students who will be taking the same classes as you, learn more about your student association, as well as voice any questions or concerns you may have! Check out the O-Guide for the time, date, and online location of these events! We hope to see you there!

We are so excited that you chose to study at the University of Guelph. Not only is the University amazing, but the city of Guelph is beautiful and is such a wonderful place to live. It won’t be long before you consider this city your home and your classmates’ great friends. Once again, congratulations, as you are officially a Gryphon! 

We hope to see you all at our events this year!! Please feel free to contact us at with any questions or concerns you may have, and we will be happy to help you. Best of luck as you navigate through your first-year experiences!
Tatiana Fisher and Mandy Heuberger (Co-presidents 2021-2022)

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Family Studies and Human Development Student Association

The FSHD-Student Association is a student-run club that works in collaboration with the overarching CSAHS (College of Social and Applied Human Sciences) Student Alliance and offers both academic and social events for students.
In the past, the Association has offered:
• Sexuality Info Session & Bingo Night
• Career Night
• Volunteer Opportunities
• ‘Meet and Greets’ with Professors
• Clothing Orders
• First Aid/CPR Certification
• Career Panel Information Sessions with various professionals
• Dinners at Brass Taps
• Coffee Break Fundraisers for the Alzheimer Society
• Sex, toys and chocolate (A sex toy workshop that provides education around safe sex
with toys)
The AFSHD-Student Association participates in fundraising events for community organizations such as the Alzheimer Society Walk for Memories, Pass it On campaign, and also advertises volunteer, scholarship and work opportunities to students.

Each academic-year cohort has a representative on the FSHD-Student Association, and concerns of academic and social matters brought to the FSHD-SA’s attention will be warmly advocated for or referred. The main contact for the association is which is checked regularly by the FSHD-SA president. You can also reach the members of the association through classroom announcements, our websites (listed below), participation in the student association’s events, and campus flyers.

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