BASc Program Plans

Program plans, also known as your schedule of studies, list the courses you need to take to complete your degree and indicate what semester you should take those courses in.  Since courses requirements may over the years, it is important that students know they must follow the program plan in the academic calendar for the year they started their program.  Thus, no matter the year, you follow the plan you started with in first year (unless you officially request to change your program or your calendar year).

Current BASc program plans:

Applied Human Nutrition (AHN)
Child Studies (CSTU)
Family Studies and Human Development (FSHD)

Past program plans are found in Degree Program section of the Academic Calendars.

Editable BASc program plans:  

AHN Course Planning Checklist - 2022
CSTU Course Planning Checklist - 2022
FSHD  Course Planning Checklist - 2022

AHN Course Planning Checklist - 2021
CSTU Course Planning Checklist - 2021
FSHD Course Planning Checklist - 2021