Graduate Admission Requirements

Only students who are graduates of recognized universities or establishments of higher education are eligible for admission to Graduate Studies at the University of Guelph. General Graduate Admission Regulations are found in the Graduate Calendar.

FRAN General Admission Requirements

The Department of Family Relations and Applied Nutrition has set certain standards over and above the University of Guelph's minimum entrance requirements. These additional standards, which must be met in order to be consider for admission to FRAN programs, are designed to ensure that students are ready and able to succeed in our rigorous research based programs. Students must meet the general admission requirements, as well as any program specific requirements listed below. For your convenience, you can download the overview of FRAN Admission Requirements in PDF format

  • An Honours (4 years) Baccalaureate degree or equivalent for Masters programs
  • A thesis-based MSc in a closely related field for Doctoral programs
  • A minimum cumulative average of 75% over the most recent 20 courses (2 years)
  • Successful completion of a statistics course with a grade of 75% or higher (NOT required for CFKS and MRFT, MP and MA.MH applicants)
  • Successful completion of a social science research methods course with a grade of 75% or higher (70% for MRFT, MP and MA.MH applicants)
  • The requirements may be in progress at the time of application but must be completed by April 30. The department may withhold an offer until such time that applicants demonstrate that they have completed specific requirements
  • Research interests must be compatible with those of one or more of the department's graduate faculty (excluding MAN and MRFT, MP and MA.MH applicants)
  • Applicants are evaluated on a competitive basis. These are minimum requirements and accepted applicants may have significantly higher academic achievement

MAN Program Specific Entry Requirements

Master of Applied Nutrition (MAN)
Applicants to this program must have completed the above requirements and must have obtained their undergraduate degree from an accredited dietetic program recognized by the Partnership for Dietetic Education and Practice (PDEP) within the last 3 years. As well as 3 one-semester 400-level courses in Human Nutrition. Access to a car for practicum placements and seminars is also required. 
IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR ALL APPLICANTS: Although applicants apply, submit all required materials and meet all admission requirements, we are unable to accept all aplicants who apply. Additionally, we are unable to provide personalized feedback for those who are not accepted, due to the high volume of applications that we receive.