Tuition Fees and Student Funding

Graduate Fees

Applicants are advised to give careful consideration to their expected costs and to assure themselves, whether through the use of personal funds or through the winning of competitive awards, that they will be able to meet their expenses. Current fees can be found on the Student Financial Services website.

Masters of Applied Nutrition (MAN) students have additional practicum fees in addition to full-time graduate student tuition and student fees. MAN students are charged an internship fee of $1500 each semester for 3 semesters.

Graduate Student Funding

Typically, all full-time MSc and PhD students admitted to graduate programs in the Department of Family Relations and Applied Nutrition receive a guaranteed funding package to assist them throughout their studies. These packages generally combine scholarships and Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTA). 

These funds can be 'topped-up' with additional scholarships for academic acheivement and research potential. Some of these awards are allocated by the department based on admissions packages and entry GPAs, whilst others must be applied for, such as Tri-Council awards or Ontario Graduate Scholarships. Faculty advisors may also offer additional funds in the form of Graduate Research Assistantships, in which students work on faculty research projects alongside their own studies and research.

Students in FRAN have been very successful in obtaining large, external awards in recent years. FRAN also has a large number of alumni donated awards that the department distributes to incoming students. 

There is a large amount of information on this which you can find by following the links below. Should you wish to discuss possible funding opportunities, please contact Shauna Porter (email address), Graduate Program Assistant.