Academic Consideration

What is Academic Consideration?

If unforeseen medical, psychological, or compassionate situations or events negatively affect your academic performance you can request Academic Consideration to accommodate your academic needs (e.g. you can request an extension on a due date).  

Who to ask for Academic Consideration?

  • For course work due before the final day of class, ask the professors for the courses affected.
  • For the final exam or final course assignment, ask your program counsellor. For BASc students that is:

Instructions on: How to request Academic Consideration.  

  • Submit the form and a letter of explanation to either the prof or as per above.  Through to August 31, 2024, medical documentation will NOT be required in most cases for academic consideration requests based on medical grounds, including deferred assessments. Some complex cases may require medical or other supporting documentation so check with your instructor or program counsellor.

Tips for Preparing your Request 

  • On the form put the assignment/exam due date and it’s percent value.
  • For the letter, use the instructions on the 2nd page of the form as a checklist for what to include.
  • Ideally, your supporting documentation Iif required) will indicate the dates and degree of your incapacitation. 
  • The deadline to submit your request is in the table under “Process for Academic Consideration and Appeals” 

Ask your program counsellor if you have questions about academic consideration. For BASc students that is: