Undergraduate Course Waivers


Be proactive and examine your program plan.

 2021 undergraduate course enrolment  is based on the course selection windows (number of completed and in-progress credits). 


All students are encouraged to select courses as soon as possible after their window opens. Course enrolment will continue until January 15, 2021 however, students who do not enrol as soon as they are able may find that their desired or required course sections are no longer available (closed/full).

If a course is full when you go onto WebAdvisor, please check WebAdvisor again later and register when spaces become available.  If it has been a few days without successfully registering, please contact Lorraine whose contact information is below.  Enrolment of courses is managed by opening blocks of spots at a time rather than immediately opening to the full capacity.

Please see Helpful Hints and FAQ's for additional information about Winter 21 Course Enrolment:


In the Department of Family Relations & Applied Nutrition (FRAN), the Undergraduate Program Assistant, signs course waivers (for courses requiring instructor consent, prerequisite/restriction waivers in certain circumstances, course overload, etc.).  Instructors in the FRAN department DO NOT sign course waivers. 

Lorraine can be reached by email at fran.undergraduate@uoguelph.ca.  When asking to be waived into a course, please email your full name, program major, and student ID #. 

The fran.undergraduate@uoguelph.ca email is monitored daily Monday - Friday.  Due to concerns with COVID-19, University of Guelph employees are working remotely and there can be delays.

You can download the Course Waiver Request form.

Here's what is helpful to know about obtaining a signed course waiver:

  • Waivers are not required for 1st year courses.  Watch WebAdvisor for spaces to open up.
  • Some courses are restricted to BASc majors only. Waivers will not be signed for courses that are restricted in this way.
  • For other courses, there are Priority Access restrictions, which may be lifted during the course selection period depending on available space.  Details of which courses have Priority Access restrictions are below. Please note that we will not sign course waivers while Priority Access restrictions are in place.
  • Generally speaking, courses/sections that are full/closed cannot be overloaded.  Spaces are reserved for students who require these courses for their major program of study.
  • If you receive a completed and appropriately signed waiver, you will need to submit it to Enrolment Services for processing during the course enrolment period. You may email the waiver to es@uoguelph.ca.  You will not be registered for the course until you have emailed the waiver to Enrolment Services and see the course on your class timetable. The last day to submit a waiver is January 15, 2021, however it is strongly recommended to submit as soon as you can..)