Leon Kuczynski

Professor Emeritus
Department of Family Relations & Applied Nutrition



Leon Kuczynski is a developmental psychologist who does empirical and theoretical research in parent-child dynamics, socialization and  parent-child relationships.

He is interested in children's agency and influence in the context of the family. parenting  and  bidirectional  <—>  influence between parents and children. 

 He conducted research on nonclinical families as well as families undergoing adversities such as parental depression, child abuse, conduct disorder, and multi-stressed families and foster children. 

He is  also interested in family dynamics as it pertains to culture (e.g. China, Singapore, Jamaica) and immigrant family acculturation.

Key theoretical contributions:  

  • Developmental/Relational Perspective on Children's Agency 
  • Social Relational Theory
  • Bilateral Model of Parent-Child Relationships


PhD - University of Toronto


Faculty - Department of Family relations and Applied Nutrition 1985-2019

  • Professor Emeritus 2019
  • Professor  1998;     Associate Professor 1989;    Assistant Professor 1985

Postdoc – Laboratory of Developmental Psychology, National Institutes of Mental Health – Bethesda, Maryland  

  •  Staff Research Fellow 1979-1982 
  •  Associate Scientist      1982-1985

PhD – Department of Psychology  - University of Toronto,1979

MSc – Department of Psychology -  University of Toronto,1973

BSc –  Department of Psychology -  University of Toronto,1972

My research focuses on children’s agency and influence within a dialectical model of bidirectional influence between parents and children.

My empirical research includes topics such as;

  • children’s resistance  (noncompliance) Age range studied: 18 months-18 years
  • children’s internalization of values
  • children's influence on parenting and parental development
  • parent-child intimacy
  • relational context of  parent-child dynamics
  • cultural context of parent-child relationships (Canada,Jamaica, China, Singapore)
  • family acculturation





SOCIAL RELATIONAL THEORY -SRT)   Kuczynski & De Mol, 2015; Kuczynski, Parkin & Pitman, 2014; Kuczynski & Parkin, 2007

 A comprehensive dialectical approach to understanding children's agency abd  bidirectional causality in the context of long-term, interdependent, and culturally embedded parent-child relationships.



  1.    Transactional (dialectical) Model of Bidirectonal Causality 
  2.    Model of Children's Agency : Construction, Action, Autonomy
  3.    Dialectical Model of Power: Interdependent Assymetry
  4.    Model of Parent-Child Relationship Context : Long-term, Complex, Interdependent, Culturally Embedde
    ENHANCED AGENTIC DIVERSITY PERSPECTIVE - EADP    Wu,Yan Fei, Massart, A.L., Kuczynski, L. & De Mol, J. (2023)

Considers individual differences in contextual and individual power resources as sources of diversity in expression of agency. Offers a framework for accommodating agentic diversity for promoting optimal becoming of idiosyncratic human agents as well as human society as a whole



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Journal Articles

Wu,Yan Fei, Massart, A.L., Kuczynski, L. & De Mol, J. (2023).The Enhanced Agentic Diversity Perspective (EADP): An appeal for co-creating an accommodative social space so that diversity unlocks innovativeness rather than problems, New Ideas in Psychology, Volume 68, 10982, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.newideapsych.2022.100982

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I am currently developing articles from a major qualitative project on Socialization in Middle Childhood. These include mother and child interviews and diary data.

I am engaged in international interdisciplinary collaborations with scholars interested in applying social relational theory to disciplines such as family therapy, social work and communication research.

I am a collaborator on a  longitudinal study,: Identifying Positive Adaptive Pathways in Low-income families in Singapore (Esther Goh,P.I.  National University of Singapore)