Jess Haines

Jess Haines
Professor, AHN
Department of Family Relations & Applied Nutrition
Phone number: 
519-824-4120 x53780
Macdonald Institute (MINS), Room 231B

Research interests: families, children, obesity prevention, behaviour change intervention

Area: Applied Human Nutrition

Description of research:  My research focuses on identifying modifiable family-level factors that influence children’s health behaviours and translating that knowledge into effective behaviour change interventions.

Accepting graduate students;

Fall 2018: yes

Fall 2019: yes

Jess Haines, PhD, MHSc, RD is an Associate Professor in the Department of Family Relations and Applied Nutrition at the University of Guelph. Prior to her appointment at U of G, Dr. Haines was a faculty member at the Obesity Prevention Program in the Department of Population Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Haines’s primary research interest is in the prevention of weight-related disorders among children and adolescents. Within this concentration, her current research is focused on community and family-based interventions aimed at promoting healthful behaviours among preschool children.

She has developed a program called Parents and Tots Together, which is a family-based intervention that embeds strategies to improve children’s weight-related behaviours within an existing general skills parenting program. Dr. Haines is the Principal Investigator of a current study, funded by the Danone Institute, to test the effectiveness of Parents and Tots Together among families recruited through Ontario Early Years Centres.

She is the Associate Director of the Guelph Family Health Study, a family-based cohort study designed to identify early life risk factors of obesity and chronic disease and to test family-based strategies to support healthful behaviours early in life.

She is a Co-Investigator of an NIH-funded study to examine how the general family environment influences adolescent weight and weight-related behaviours among participants in the Growing Up Today Study (GUTS). GUTS is a prospective cohort of over 16,000 adolescents who are the offspring of participants in the Nurses’ Health Study II.

 Dr. Haines is the Director of the Parent-Child Feeding Laboratory, funded through the Canadian Foundation for Innovation and the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation. The overarching goal of the laboratory research is toidentify how parent-child feeding interactions influence child’s eating behaviours.

PhD (Epidemiology) - University of Minnesota, 2005

MHSc (Community Nutrition) - University of Toronto, 2000

BSc (Human Ecology) - University of Western Ontario, 1998

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