Interested in NUTR*4850?

The planning for the winter offering of NUTR*4850 Filed Experience in Nutrition Education has started. Students will need to commit at least 4 hours a week for 10 weeks to working on placement activities. The prerequisites for NUTR*4850 are FRHD*3400, NUTR*3090 and NUTR*4070. 
Due to the pandemic, many community partners are offering placement experiences in various formats (in-person, virtual placement, or a combination of the two (hybrid placement), depending on what works best for their organization. A list of placement opportunities will be shared with students in early November. In order to see the list of opportunities please add your name to the document called  Interested in NUTR*4850 

After reviewing the placements, interested students will be asked to complete a survey which will be used to match students with opportunities from our community partners.  

In the meantime, during the registration for winter courses, please select and register for an elective that you would be willing to take if there is not a match between your timetable, interests, and a placement from a community agency. If you are matched with a community placement you can drop the elective course. 

The plan is to let students and community partners know about a match (or no match) by November 18th. 

Please note that some of our community partners may ask that field placement students complete on-line training or meet for an initial meeting in December.   
A list of students who have been matched with a placement will be sent to FRAN Undergraduate Program Assistant, who will then sign a course waiver for those students so they can register for NUTR*4850.

If you have questions about this course please contact me at