Information for CFT Applicants

The MSc program in Couple and Family Therapy is undergoing a significant curriculum review and restructuring initiative. Fall 2023 applications are being postponed.  

Faculty Advisors

There is no need for applicants to the MSc program in CFT to choose an advisor prior to making the application. Selected applicants are invited for an interview, and will have the opportunity to speak with potential advisors at that time.

Because the interview and selection process for the MSc program in CFT is based more broadly on the applicant's fit with a clinical program, and because of the competitive nature of the selection, CFT faculty do not engage in conversations about research prior to the CFT Applicant Interview day. As such, applicants to CFT do not need to, and are discouraged from, contacting CFT faculty prior to making their application. We invite and encourage all CFT applicants to attend the group information session for the opportunity to speak directly with a CFT faculty member about your interests in the program and to have your questions answered.

Research Streams

Currently there is discussion surrounding the CFT research streams. As of F23 it is possible that the major research paper will no longer be part of the CFT program. At this time, we are NOT offering a thesis stream.

Those wishing to complete the MSc program in CFT by way of the major research paper will not need to identify specific interests that "fit" with the research program of any particular CFT faculty member(s) prior to making the application.