The Family Studies and Human Development/Adult Development Student Association

Welcome FSHD/ADEV Students!   

Welcome each of you to one of the greatest programs at the University of Guelph!  The FSHD/ADEV Student Association has a few ways for you to be aware and updated on information concerning student life, curriculum, and upcoming events.

Please check us out on social media to learn more about what the council is up to!


Instagram: @adev_uog
Twitter: @adev_uog
Snapchat: @adev_uog


 Every year the FSHD/ADEV-SA partners with the community and the university to put on events that help showcase what the program is about. This allows students to make connections with their peers, professors, and greater Guelph community members. Some of the FSHD/ADEV- SA student events have included: 

  • Running coffee break fundraisers for the local Alzheimer Society
  • A Christmas Party with a FREE Christmas dinner
  • Participating in the Alzheimer Society’s annual Walk for Memories
  • Sexuality talks with Robin Milhausen

 Being on the council is a great way to get to know students and professors, as well as make connections in the Guelph community.  Please feel free to email the student association ( (email address)) about ANY questions you may have. Whether it is regarding student life, classes, being on the council or other things you may be wondering about at UOG!

Once again, we welcome you to the Family Studies and Human Development/Adult Development program and look forward to meeting you.

The FSHD/ADEV Student Association