Critical Family and Kinship Studies (MSc)

Graduate Studies in Critical Family and Kinship Studies 

The Graduate program in the field of Critical Family and Kinship Studies is an exciting endeavour that is fairly unique within Family Studies programs and emphasizes critical theories and creative methodologies to understand diverse expressions of family and kinship. In particular, the emphasis on theoretical approaches that challenge dominant social structures and narratives, and the broadened examination of Kinship to include individuals and their relationships to the land and with human and non-human family members, is included. 

Students in CFKS have many options for building an individualized program of study combining coursework and thesis research. Each student works closely with an advisory committee to select courses that not only provide for interdisciplinary breadth but also address the student's specific research and professional goals.

The thesis for Master's students provide mechanisms for the development of specialized knowledge in areas of research interest. Graduate students have opportunities to focus their research interests and build an individualized program of study that challenges dominant discourses through critical, poststructural, and decolonized approaches.

Graduates of this program are well positioned to complete a PhD or explore work in a variety of community and human services. Indeed, students from this MSc field of Critical Family and Kinship Studies would be well suited to apply for the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences' PhD program, Social Practice and Transformational Change. 

To determine if your research interests are compatible with those of one or more of the department's graduate faculty please see their research pages. We strongly recommend that you contact faculty prior to your application to discuss shared interests and to include these in your statement of research interest.

Please consult the Gradute Calendar (PDF file) for program specifc requirements.

NOTE: Given the requirement for graduate level statistics for the PhD in Family Relations and Human Development, students who successfully complete in this MSc field would not be eligible for the PhD studies in FRHD unless they take a graduate statistics course as an additional elective course.