College of Early Childhood Educators

Students planning to apply for membership in the College of Early Childhood Educators (CECE) need to complete the following Child stream courses:

  • FRHD*2040 Principles of Program Design for Children       
  • FRHD*2260 Infant Development                             
  • FRHD*2270 Development of Early and Middle Childhood        
  • FRHD*3190DE Administration of Program for Children and Youth
  • FRHD*3200 Practicum I: Child 
  • FRHD*4210 Senior Seminar in Early Education and Care                              
  • FRHD*4330 Practicum II: Child
  • FRHD*4350 Practicum III: Child    

NOTE:  Students in CYF:Co-op are not required to complete FRHD 4330; however you may choose to complete FRHD 4330, or you may select a Co-op Work Placement term that involves working with children 12 years of age or younger, to complete this requirement.

If you have any questions please contact:

Tricia van Rhijn, Ph.D., RECE
Associate Professor (email address) (email address)