Applied Human Nutrition (MSc) (PhD)

Graduate Studies in Applied Human Nutrition

The graduate program in Applied Human Nutrition draws on several perspectives in applied human nutrition, including those from the behavioural, biological, and social sciences and spans all age groups in its focus on the role of nutrition in health and well-being.

The AHN faculty have expertise in broad areas, including:

  • Community nutrition 
  • Body composition
  • Nutrition throughout the lifespan
  • Nutritional epidemiology
  • Chronic disease risk
  • Clinical nutrition
  • Indigenous health
  • Food security
  • International nutrition
  • Exercise and physical activity

In addition, AHN faculty collaborate in interdisciplinary research with other faculty in the Department and those outside of the Department and University. Expertise is in such fields as:

  • Child and adolescent development
  • Human health and nutritional sciences
  • International development
  • Couple and family therapy 
  • Psychology

To determine if your research interests are compatible with those of one or more of the department's graduate faculty please see their research pages, or have a look at the University's graduate programs related to nutrition. (PDF file). We strongly recommend that you contact faculty prior to your application to discuss shared interests and to include these in your statement of research interest.

Please consult the Gradute Calendar (PDF file) for program specifc requirements.

Application Deadline

  • See deadlines here

Applied Human Nutrition Career Opportunities

  • Public health nutrition 
  • Nutrition program management 
  • Research coordinator
  • NGO's
  • Regional/public/international health agencies
  • Regulatory affairs 
  • UN agencies 
  • Academia

What our Grads are Doing

MSc and doctoral graduates are highly successful in attaining employment in diverse fields. Listed below are just a few of the careers that our graduate students have successfully attained:

MSc Graduates

  • Clinical Dietitian with Sodexho Marriott in Florida
  • Public Health Nutritionist, Regional Municipality of Waterloo Community Health Department
  • Nutrition Program Manager, Canadian Egg Marketing Agency
  • Nutritionist, Micronutrient and Health Program, World Vision
  • Research Coordinator, St. Joseph's Health Care Systems Research Network
  • Public Health Nutritionist, City of Hamilton Social and Public Health Services Department
  • Doctoral Studies, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, University of Western Ontario

PhD Graduates

  • Assistant Professor, School of Nutrition, Ryerson  Polytechnic University
  • Research Fellow, Department of Medicine, McMaster University Senior
  • Senior Nutritionist, Micronutrient and Health Program, World Vision


Individuals from an applied human nutrition discipline as well as individuals who have non-AHN backgrounds are encouraged to apply to the MSc-AHN and PhD-AHN programs.  We welcome students with diverse backgrounds such as applied human nutrition, nutritional sciences, food science, biomedical science, health promotion, psychology, and kinesiology.  During the application review process, the AHN Curriculum Committee will specify any ancillary courses (in addition to the prescribed courses in the graduate program) that successful applicants must complete during their program.

If you have questions, please contact Shauna Porter, Graduate Program Assistant at (email address) or 519-824-4120 ext. 53968. Please note that email is the best option when possible.