1st Year Fall Elective Suggestions

The courses listed below are in the Undergraduate Calendar as Fall Semester offerings. When registering for Fall courses, please check WebAdvisor since it provides confirmation of course offerings.

Electives may be in a subject area that interests you and are completely your choice.  Although, the BASc Counselling staff cannot suggest specific choices, please find below some suggestions you may find helpful. Please check WebAdvisor for space availability, Priority Access, class dates, times and ensure no scheduling conflicts

This is by no means an exhaustive list of 1st year courses. There are also courses that are only offered by on-line by Distance Education (DE).  There are also courses in Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics that require 4U prerequisite(s) from high school.   There are language courses such as French that may require a 4U prerequisites or native ability.  Check Section X. Course Descriptions in the Undergraduate Calendar for further information and contact the relevant department if you have questions.  The link to the Undergraduate Calendar is at: https://www.uoguelph.ca/registrar/calendars/undergraduate/current/

Another possible elective are First Year Seminar courses under the course code UNIV*1200.  Please note sections are opened gradually as well as adding spaces to sections. This course is only available to first year students. Again, please check WebAdvisor for the topic of each section course and register early since class size is very limited

ANTH*1120 Biological Anthropology

ANTH*1150 Introduction to Anthropology

ARTH*1510 Art Historical Studies I

BIOL*1070 Discovering Biodiversity

BIOL*1500 Humans in the Natural World

CLAS*1000 Introduction to Classical Culture

ECON*1050 Introductory Microeconomics

ENGL*1200 Reading the Contemporary World

ENGL*1030 Effective Writing

EURO*1100 European Cinema

GEOG*1200 Society and Space

GEOG*1220 Human Impact on the Environment 

GEOG*1300 Introduction to the Biophysical Environment

GEOG*1350 Earth: Hazards & Global Change

GERM*1100 Introductory German I - This course may not normally be taken by anyone who has 4U German.

HIST*1010 The Early Modern World

HIST*1150 The Modern World

HIST*1250 Science and Technology in a Global Context

HORT*1130 The Science of Gardening

IDEV*1000 Understanding Development and Global Inequalities

ITAL*1060 Introductory Italian I - Not available to students who have credit for 4U Italian or equivalent.

LAT*1100 Preliminary Latin - Not available to students who have credit for 4U Latin or equivalent.

MUSC*1060 Amadeus to Zeppelin: Music and Culture

PHIL*1000 Classic Thinkers

PHIL*1010 Introductory Philosophy: Social and Political Issues

PHIL*1030 Sex, Love, and Friendship

POLS*1150 Understanding Politics

POLS*1400 Issues in Canadian Politics

POLS*1500 World Politics

PORT*1100 Introductory Portuguese (Brazilian Culture) - For students with no previous studies in the language.

SOC*1500 Crime and Criminal Justice

SPAN*1100 Introductory Spanish I -For students with no previous studies in Spanish.

THST*1040 Introduction to Performance

THST*1200 The Languages of Media

WMST*1000 Introduction to Women's Studies

Updated March 13, 2020